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Your First Weekly Guidance Reading of 2020!

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

We've officially moved into the New Year of 2020. Can you feel the shift in energy yet? For the last year I've been bringing you weekly guidance readings, which has been a wonderful learning experience. Today I'm here to bring you another reading and officially welcome you to my 1st blog post. I decided to really be more attuned in my readings I had to film them with an open ended cut off time. Instead of stifling the flow trying to hit that 15 minute mark, I just let the cards fall as they may and give you the full message that I feel is trying to come forward.

This week I really resonated with the reading personally. I've been feeling more and more drawn to go to the deepest depths of myself and to take charge of my life by being unafraid to be vulnerable and authentic. Celebrating New Year's in my own little way last night, I truly felt the support and connection of those around me.

My advice to you this week, is that when you align with more of your personal truth and express it outwardly without reserve, you will see the ripple effect and just how powerful and loved you really are.

So share more, connect more, let down those walls. It's time to leave some of the hard lessons behind, and get ready to feel the joy of living again.

To watch the full reading click here.

New Years Blessings to you!

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