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Solitude: A Pathway to Unity

Updated: May 28, 2020

Over the last couple months the collective has been forced into a very solitary experience. Some of us have family or friends that we live with, but many of us have really felt isolated. In effect we have seen a spike in depression, anxiety, even suicides. While we are not made to be solitary creatures, I feel these are signs of just of uncomfortable being truly with ourselves can be. Things that we tend to ignore or bury beneath the hum drum are now taking the spotlight and there's no more escaping it. The mind and our ego will start to overpower us when we don't have a strong sense of self. How can we really connect with others, if we are so disconnected from ourselves?

As someone who had spent most of her life looking outside to others for my validation, this time with myself has really brought up a lot of old wounding that I thought I had released already. But with the full moon in Scorpio this week, I feel a lot of our hurt is going to start coming to a head. Scorpio is intense and doesn't care about the surface level small talk. It wants the deep, dark, murky, depths that are the sources of your nightmares and liberations. Every dirty secret and bad habit. It wants all your shame, guilt, and lies to come to the surface so that you, and only you, can find true compassion and acceptance in every facet of your human self. For when we find love in even the darkest of places, we see it in the world around us with new eyes.

So even as we start to come out of our sanctuaries to navigate this new world, the universe continues to align me with a path of solitude. Does this mean the same as isolation? No because I truly do not believe this is healthy. I love my friends, family, students, and clients soooooo much. Interaction with the world and the present moment is what helps us to keep diving and discovering. But if we feel so triggered and afraid to spend time alone with ourselves, we may just need to share a little more of that love with us. I tend to notice how much I really try to keep myself busy with events, classes, work, school, socializing, even when I am feeling drained or wanting some rest time. Am I really doing these things for me, or for the hope of some outward satisfaction that may never come?

For some of us, self love is not as easy as it sounds. This week spirit may be offering you a new chance for growth and abundance. The first step is finding that unique light within us. No matter how bleak it may seem, keep tending to your light and your heart. Keep choosing the path to uniting with yourself fully, and release yourself from the mental prison barring you from your power. Sometimes it's as easy as saying "YES" to something when you truly mean it.

This week ask yourself if you enjoy your solitude, or run from it. Dig a little deeper and find the little gems that lay buried in your subconscious. Nuggets of wisdom sometimes take hard work, and experience. It's not all sunshine and daisies when walking your own path. Do you feel the call to take it?

Loving you all


To watch this weeks video click here.

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