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Shadow Moons and Making Moves

This week we moved into Taurus season. The first earth sign on the wheel. Shortly followed by a new moon in Taurus. For this season we are starting to feel more grounded. Spring brings up fresh ideas and inspiration. But we may be a bit hasty to jump the gun. This is not the way of the bull. Stepping into more of a feminine feeling energy, we may feel that little nudge towards going deeper. To make changes we often have to do the inner work before it will fully manifest outwardly. Now is the time more than ever to take the opportunity of pause. While wanting to shift into a life filled with fire and passion again, we can't forget that there are steps to take before coming to a destination.

Heaven on Earth is a message I have been receiving for the past few weeks. As above, so below. Within and without. Spirit is showing us the work we need to do to align with our potential. It doesn't come from adjusting our outer circumstances, but allowing the ego death. Ego can be different for everyone. It can be thoughts, conditioning from childhood, or emotional imprinting from past experience. In it's essence these can block you from making the choices in life that are more true to your being. Have you felt that little nudge telling you that it doesn't fit anymore?

In my meditation before these readings I felt joy and triumph. There were butterflies and green earth. Transformation and peace. What this tells me is that the collective is ready to balance again. Yet the decision is only the first part. As we move along this new path challenges and emotions will always rise. Do not be afraid or think that you are failing. They are here to teach you. They are the answer to what you question. It takes work, and dedication, and consistency. Try and try again, there is no fail. You always have something to learn.

Some practices I would recommend during this new moon:

-Tie up any loose projects. You want to be clear for something new to come in.

-Create a list of tasks and number them by what's important. Focus on the list one by one and see how far you go.

-Indulge!! Take long baths. Cook a big meal. Play your instrument. Dance to sensual music. Play with your senses and intuition.

-Start a cleanse.

-Feel your emotions

I'm excited for all of you and can't wait to see what this energy brings for each and every one of us!


To watch the weekly guidance video click here.

To learn what energies are happening for this new moon click here.

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