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Digging at the Mother Wound

Happy Litha to all! 2020 is half over, and we've stuck together through some tough times. As much as I'd like to say that things will get easier from here, truthfully I find that to be only half true. We are marking an important time in our history and future generations. Revelations, revolutions, apocalypse! Is this really the end? Has humanity done so much damage it's beyond saving? How can we unite when we still seem to be so divided? One thing I have found amazingly insightful is the actual etymology of the word "apocalypse". It derives from Greek words meaning to "uncover" or "reveal". See the connection to revelation and revolution? Fascinating isn't it?! This is where the seed of potential really lies.

2020 has been the year that I have delved more deeply into astrology. I read my first astrology book when I was 10 years old. Other kids used to make fun of me at school, scoffing about how they didn't believe in this "dogma". Well whether you believe or not astrology and astronomy are older than any religion. In and of itself it is not a religion but the study of the nature of the universe. The aversion pertains to the ideas of these restrictive horoscopes that tell you how your day is going to pan out. This isn't true astrology. I would say most of us acknowledge that the moon and it's phases have an affect on ourselves and the planet. Isn't it logical to think that other planets with their own electromagnetic frequencies and pulls can do the same?

Around spring time back in March I shifted into what's known as my Saturn return. We all have it. Some of you may have had one or two already. Some may be like me experiencing it for the first time (hold on to your butts). Our Saturn is known as our karma, what we are meant to do in this life, and the work we need to do within to integrate. This sparked in me a curiosity to look farther into the cosmos. I found most discussions around the current world affairs, and non of them were really shocked that all of this was happening. This gigantic shift in consciousness was coming and they knew it! Learning from my own understanding and intuition, I can say that I've felt quite inspired to be living in the time we do now. To be someone to connect this information and help others find their truth in their experience. I look forward to honing in my insights to the stars and sharing them with my readers.

Ok! On to what the main message of this article is focused around. I spoke briefly in last weeks guidance reading, which you can watch here, about authentic spiritual truth. This year has pushed us to our breaking point in a lot of ways. Quarantined for weeks, many of us isolated, the outside world shut down, then as we start to emerge again, our already tender emotions are triggered by an act of violence. There is a lot to be said here, but here is my perception of the lesson. We had this opportunity to spend time with ourselves, like actually sit and do "nothing". I struggled. I'm not that kind of person. You could say I'm borderline workaholic, because I put too much on my plate. To suddenly have no daily agenda, our perspective began to shift. Is this hustle and bustle what really matters? Or does connecting with our loved ones? I witnessed so many beautiful ways of people coming together. A taste of what it could be like to really support each other. Now that image has been shaken by another "revealing" of the cracks in the foundation. What we thought we built upon as freedom for all, was masked over with illusion. We still have equality to fight for. We still have room for improvement.

Here is where it gets tricky. When spirit asks for you to stand in your truth, guard what you believe in, one of the first responses I hear is that we have to force others to believe that truth. Because we see that some of these other men and women, their truth is in a dark place. They wish harm to others, they discriminate, they hate. But I tell you now, this is NOT TRUTH. This is conditioning from parents, from experience, from wounding. These people are hurting inside. We all are, and we all deal with it in different ways. I don't say this to excuse behavior, only in hopes that we can see that wounding understand that this is something that can't be forced. They have to see it with their own eyes.

Leaving Gemini season, we were called to communicate. Talk it out. Listen and empathize. Now moving into Cancer, we are asked to feel. Question if you think these wounded people actually took the time to heal and understand themselves, would they behave this way? I can confidently say that they wouldn't. So the work gets turned inward, where are we letting our wounding speak for us? Where are we letting our wounding oppress others? These are hard questions, no doubt. But in order to see the change we desire from our heart space, we have to live it. Emote it. Dictate it. We've heard this many times, the change begins with you.

Cancer is the mother, our home, the nurturing we did or didn't receive. It can carry great love, or the pain and trauma of our childhood. But it reminds you that your experience is valid. We've created our outer shells to hide what we don't want to shine forth. Where we thought we wouldn't be accepted. This lunar cycle is whispering for you to embody the mother energy. To nurture and love. First the inner shell and into the outer. Where can you show more love and appreciation for yourself and your home? Who do you have gratitude for? The tides are shifting, emotions are high. Yet there is a powerful ripple of doing the inner love, and turning back on the world.

Much love to you all. I appreciate your presence.


To see the Solar Eclipse reading click here.

P.s. I've been hearing a lot of songs in my meditations so here are a few I felt to be uplifting in this energy.

"Think" by Aretha Franklin

"The Tide is High" by Blondie

"Rising Tide" by Beats Antique

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