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About Katalyst

"An ancient Sufi story tells of the angels convening at the dawn of time to discuss where to bury the meaning of life, a secret so sacred that only the most worthy of initiates should be allowed to access it..... Eventually, they turn to the wisest angel and ask where the most secret place might be. The angel replies: 'There is one place no one will look. We will hide it in the human heart.' " 

-Dawson Church, The Genie in Your Genes

               “It is my personal mission to help others create joyful life experiences by honoring the individual’s needs for spiritual connection with themselves, their community, and the planet. Providing health that encompasses the whole, holistic person. I dedicate myself and my practice to empower clients in manifesting a living that is within integrity of their values and goals. Katalyst provides individual customizable sessions, holistic coaching and wellness plans, classes and workshops, and an apothecary that facilitates each unique journey of health and wellness.”

Image by Evie S.

Certifications and Affiliations


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