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Weekly Guidance Jan 6th-12th: Holding a Vision

Anytime we set a new intention for ourselves, or want to shift in a new direction, challenges will arise for many different reasons. Some may show us that what we want may not actually be in alignment with our values. Others will push you to test your commitment and propel you into new growth. How ever this shows up for you, this week is asking you to pause and reflect. Energies of frustration and anger could arise. You may want to begrudgingly throw in the towel, or you're so upset by the circumstances that you're trying to force something to happen, and continually hitting the same wall. Is uncomfortable? Um, definitely. Do you have to like it? Absolutely not. But this isn't the universe working against you. Ultimately, this situation is working to bring you closer to your true self. Someone who feels connected with their purpose and completely trusting in their abilities. This lesson is meant to show you just how powerful you really are, and that you do have unique gifts to bring to the world.

3 different aspects of this reading can be interpreted. Some of you may feel like you've missed your chance, or that you've been in the same cycle for so long that there's no turning back now. Some of you are dealing with relationships. Either in a situation that isn't serving you, or trying to fake yourself in the hopes of no longer being single.

Even though we're only a week into 2020, it's never too late or too early to rewrite your story. Experience is how we are able to write sticky notes of edits into our original draft. So what needs a little revising? Devote yourself to more internal work. Even if you're not where you want to be right this moment, hold a strong vision for how you would like them to be. This could be the time to make that new vision board. Then embody it in the present. Spend time every day coming into alignment with what you truly desire. Projects, self care, our thoughts, interactions with others. No step is too big or small.

To watch the full reading click here.

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