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Weekly Guidance Feb 3rd-9th: Cut the Cords

Welcome to your first reading in February. The momentum is gaining, can you feel it? This week we are really being called into our power. Not just showing up, but putting our very heart and soul on the line. This weekend we will have a full moon in Leo. Leo rules the heart. If you've ever met one you know just how outgoing most of them can be. When we think of the symbol of the lion what comes to mind first? Power? Pride? Leadership? These are all great attributes. But when we come from a place that is not ourselves, we can manifest them in some not so beneficial ways. Exerting our will over others, being controlling, or sometimes acting as a know it all. Another spectrum is when we cut ourselves off. We hide, we don't take pride in ourselves, we become quiet so as not to be seen. Notice even now, are your shoulders rounding to protect your heart space? Or do you walk tall and vulnerable? It's ok. The world can make us weary. But you can take your power back anytime you want.

You may be going through the mental loops. Finding many reasons and options of why you shouldn't answer this calling. Is it really benefiting you, or are these the illusions the mind creates from our own thoughts as well as others? A new spiritual path is opening up for you. It may be scary to not see the big picture. We all want to be accepted. We fear if we are vulnerable that we may drive others away. We will feel incomplete without the outside assurance. But this is not true. When we dig into our roots and find the true power within the right ones will always be there. You have ancestors, guardian angels, even your higher self to call on for support. The rest will come with ease.

Some of you may be dealing with a particular person or situation that has truly weighed you down. This could be consciously or unconsciously. You know deep down this situation is no longer serving you. But you question about whether your making the right choice. It's time to release anything heavy. The element of the heart chakra is air. How can you start to lighten the load? How can you unbind yourself to what is no longer serving you? Forgiveness is a great tool to start with. Whether towards yourself or others, carrying the burden of guilt, shame, and anger will be the weight that closes your heart space. Shake it off. Breathe in deeply. Unclench your jaw. You are not these feelings. You are the mighty lion or tiger ready to pounce. You are beautiful just the way you are. So shake your tail feathers! To a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight.

Truly from my heart to yours-


To watch the full reading click here.

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