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We Are Not Lacking

How are you today? Yup we're still here. I kind of knew we would be. This wasn't meant to be something to just give us a little scare and then head on it's merry way. This is that final wake up call. A lot of references have been made towards judgement day. In the tarot, the card Judgement is also gently referred to as "Awakening". Instead of a punishment, this is an evolution. Can you hear those stirrings in your soul? Do you see what has been illuminated that was once in the dark?

Last week, we were being asked to get clear. Come back to our north and begin again. This week is about those first small steps forward. But the Rhino is a casual stroller. It can be frustrating because we want things to change quickly. However, even in this lackadaisical pace, Rhino is still determined and focused on the path ahead. As daunting as it may be. Although you may not see it now, we are moving in a new direction.

What do I think causes this impatience? Our focus on the lack. We're losing jobs, money, social places, our minds (just a little). We feel like we've lost so much, and don't get me wrong, we have in many ways. What if we shifted our attention to what we could be gaining? Or even better, towards what we already have. Even sitting in your home under this social distancing, look around and find one thing to be grateful for. It doesn't have to be big. Something as simple as having water. Now the fear comes up with the question, "But I don't know what's going to happen, I can't afford to not pay these bills." I am here to completely validate your reaction. I have them too. Every day when I wake up. But then I remember the Japanese kanji tattooed on my fingers. The first five lines of the Reiki ideals. For every action it states, "Just for today." I am in no way saying this is easy, or that you should hold onto fantasies. But this is something that you can not have taken away. Your passion, your inner fire, the treasures that you've spent your life gathering. Not the material things, but the life lessons and growth along the way.

So ask yourself this: What ideas/beliefs/things am I holding onto that creates more of this feeling of deprivation? Take a look at the bigger picture. Now is not a time to hoard and be grasping at straws. I invite you to turn to your heart space, and give something freely. In these times even the simplest offering can make a world of difference. If you can, how could you be of service? Be grateful for what you have, and show gratitude for what you receive. This is what we can never lose.

Loving all of you <3


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