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New Moon in Pisces: Preparing for the Shift

Over the last week the energy has shifted somewhat dramatically. Mercury went retrograde, the sun, and today the moon all moved into Pisces. The last sign of the zodiac. The symbol of the spiritual realms on the wheel. Being in tune with things like intuition and surrender to the unknown. With the retrograde energy, I feel things that may be hidden from us will start to come to light, if we actually take the time to listen. Pisces is related to the Moon card in tarot. On one side it can mean grand illusions and self deception. On the other it is a chance to look at the deeper message. What more lies beneath the surface in the depths of our consciousness? Who are we really in the grand scheme of things?

I've always been a very action oriented person. When I decide I want something I go for it, often without hesitation. I don't like to wait, which often gets me in trouble in the sense of too many things on my plate at once. I have so many passions and hobbies that I invest myself into with visions of grandeur and success. Admittedly when I start to hit repeated bumps in the road, I start to question whether I've really made a correct decision. I get caught in the cycle of striving to be where I am not, in hopes of getting away from where I am. I've worked so hard in my first year of business yet I know I have so much more to reach for. If I'm not where I set out to be, am I really succeeding?

I reflected these thoughts to my counselor this week (yes I am unashamed to admit that I have one. I highly recommend for anyone). She asked me, "Who do you really know that had a successful independent business overnight on their first go?" Authors who had hit book series, actors with their first big break in their teens, or independent contractors came to mind. But in reality I don't know the stories of how they got to where they are now. How long it took or the effort and sacrifices that were made. She continued to say, "You are so focused on the outcome that you want, that you think you can just skip over all the hard work that goes into it. This requires a lot of acceptance."

In these areas is where I feel this Pisces energy can be most handy. Instead of tearing ourselves down for what we think our lives should look like, we should dive deeper below the surface and open our eyes to the gifts we carry here and now. Letting go of these illusions that keep us in a succession of failures, and alternatively give ourselves credit for just how far we've come. In times such as these where we cannot see how the pieces will come together, we wonder am I doing something wrong? Do I deserve these things I so deeply envision for myself? It all requires faith. Not just in the outside world shifting and changing, but in ourselves that we have the strength and dedication to keep showing up. That we matter. That the more we surrender, the less we have to worry. We just keep getting lighter and lighter until we float.

This is no simple task or one size fits all kind of work. It is a constant peeling back of the layers and layers of protection we have piled on. It is the biggest responsibility for yourself you will ever have to face. Just like any puzzle we have to integrate one piece at a time to get the full picture.

With this said, I personally feel called to withdraw for these next couple weeks. My focus is scattered to so many things that I prevent myself from really doing the work I wish to do. For myself and all of you. So my readings and media will be mostly silent while I work to realign with my intentions. I am still always available for contact or my services. So if you resonate or feel called to reach out please do so! I won't be gone for long and I thank you for your patience.



To watch the video for the card reading click here.

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