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Full Moon in Leo: You Are Enough

As we drew closer to this month's full moon I felt the pull to lead my students into more heart opening spaces. I had an experience of Connecting in my true heart space after attending a transformational breath work. I felt more understanding to who I truly was and how just sharing my heart with others was my greatest work and gift to the world. I felt light and joyful again because all I really had to do was just be me. It really is that simple.

Then last week we had a full moon in the sign that rules the heart, Leo. The symbol of the lion is strength and power, while also having a sense of pride in one's self. But sometimes to find that inner strength we have to set aside time for nurturance and loving ourselves first. We are constantly questioning ourselves about what we're doing, whether it's enough, or the right thing to do. Sometimes we are afraid to be seen or heard because we may lose something in the process. People will reject us. Our dreams or passions wont work out the way that we want them to. But whenever we truly work from the heart space there is nowhere that you can go wrong. What shies away or closes off when you open is not meant for you. Go to the places that open with ease. Go where you continue to feel the lightness. Let the light shine in on your own inner darkness, not to destroy it but to love it. To heal it, to make it feel safe again.

As we move towards the new moon take these next couple weeks to really rest. Find the things that make your heart sing again. Soon we'll be moving into Pisces and a Mercury retrograde, which will call on even more deep diving and understanding. The answers will come, for now it is time to do the inner work.

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