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Full Moon in Cancer: Learn From the Past

With the full moon in it's home sign of Cancer, emotions have been very high over the last few days. Things that have been bottled up may have suddenly just burst forth, causing strain with others. Sometimes we need to let it all out. It's how we come back and learn from our outbursts that can bring healing. You could choose to be stubborn and set in your ways, taking no accountability for your part. But these emotions need healing. Why do you think they were so desperate to come rushing forward? Either way this moon has shed some light on an issue that needs to be resolved.

In order to end an old cycle, our commitment to being better will constantly be tested. We also have to be willing to try something new. If you look at your past experience of dealing with this dilemma, how did you handle it before? If it's coming back with a vengeance chances are you didn't quite learn the lesson you needed to, and the same approach certainly won't work. But don't let this rattle you or make you throw in the towel. Instead, find how you can be calm in turbulence. Grounding is extremely important for high stress times. In the chakra system, the earth element is below the water. To act a container and safe place to be held.

My advice to you this week is to find ways of nurturing your spirit through laughter. Go out with friends, go see a comedy show, do something that lights up your inner child. The hummingbird represents joy but it also represents being her now. As they feed, these tiny birds look as if they're at a perfect pause in the air. There is complete focus in what they are doing. Find the joy in this moment. No matter how big or small. Although this seems like it will last forever it won't. Shifting your perspective and surrendering to the lesson will bring the final resolution you've been looking for.

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