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Contributing to the Whole

Hello everyone. I hope you are doing well in this frantic time. As we are all spending more time at home and being asked to focus inwards, I now find myself with all the time in the world to delve info my work. It's funny because I felt like I never had time for anything and wasn't working as hard as I should to develop my business. And now I can feel that inner resistance towards doing "nothing". The uncertainties are a buzz in the air. How will I make money now? What's going to happen to me and my family? When is everything going to go back to normal?

In all honesty, I don't things will return back to the way they were. This pandemic isn't just terrifying in the way that it is making people sick, it is showing us all the ways that the world is sick. Our deepest shadows, our fears, our disconnection from each other are all being triggered and put on display. As much as we may want to run away from it, this could be the perfect opportunity to see what changes we can make as a society. We have been comfortable and complacent, putting our dreams and true callings on the back burner for the sake of making a living. We've been neglecting our bodies, minds, and each other. Pointing out our differences and creating separation.

Amidst this chaos I feel called to remain as an anchor towards what truly matters. This week spirit is asking us to get clear. Your thoughts, your body, and your emotions. Re-calibrate. Find your balance and center so that you can direct your energy towards positive change. We're all being asked to go in a new direction. How can we lead with integrity?

  1. Lead from the heart

  2. Become still, Then act

  3. Ask how you can be of benefit to all

  4. Love. Love. Love. Whenever you can

Be safe my friends. Everything will be OK. And we'll all be together.



To watch the guidance reading click here.

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