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Weekly Guidance Jan 20th-26th: You're Ready

This year I know I'm being called to fully bring forth my work into the world. I've immersed myself into school to learn more offerings, and I work everyday to grow and get my business out there. Even with the heart and enthusiasm for what I do, there is this very big block that towers over me. In the shadow of this monolith, I find myself fearing if I have all the pieces together. How will I bring in the clients? Do I have enough tools to give them what they need? Am I really ready to plunge into this? To have so much responsibility? In my resistance I can feel the fear of being seen. Ironic for someone who also works as a performance artist for a hobby. But on a stage there is still that safety barrier from the crowd. They SEE me, but only a very brief part. They don't get to KNOW me. Stepping into the role of leading and being a mentor for individuals leaves no room for hiding. I have to show up each and every day just as I ask them to do so. Of course I want to be authentic, but can you feel your own fear of being seen show up in you as you read this? Hell yeah, it's really scary! Admitting our flaws, wondering if we'll be accepted for where we are now, wanting to display just how together we have our lives.

But sometimes there is an underlying cause that we wouldn't think for ourselves. The fear of being powerful. Yes it's a thing! Either from childhood or in past lives (if you believe that sort of thing), we were shunned or attacked for standing up for ourselves. We were outcast for being authentic. Most of us know humans have an underlying desire to belong. So to be accepted again, we make ourselves small. We blend in so as not to disturb the peace. In turn we begin to doubt our abilities, and our inner guidance.

If you've been pushing hard for your resolutions and dreams this could be that first barrier that you encounter. We can only change so much on the outside. If we don't have a firm trust in ourselves, we start to question if we're going the right way. If all the answers aren't in front of us we're very tempted to give up. Spirit wants to help you bring your dreams to reality. But first there has to be a shift in you. Everything else will move into place. You have everything you need. The answers will come. But first it's time to crack away at the self doubt you hold inside, and come into alignment with the powerful being that you are. Don't think just be.

I believe in you


To watch the full card reading click here.

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