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Vision Quests: Defining Your Personal Experience

For centuries many cultures believed that to find your place in the community, one often had to venture on their own into the wilderness, and take a journey that led them to their true essence and soul purpose. Leaving behind what they once knew to encounter teachings and messages from the great spirit. Each quest was unique to the individual, from experiences with animals and vegetation, to meeting guides and confronting projections of the mind. In many stories we here these adventures as a young boy coming into manhood in his own way. We even see similar plots in movies and books of kids setting off on their own hero's journey, completely transformed in their understanding of the world around them.

Over time humans have become so immersed in the world of cities, technology, and social media that many of us never experience what was once considered and initiation into growing up. Could this be the cause of so many challenges we face today? Mental illness, codependent relationships, destruction of the environment, and the underlying manipulations of turning the individual into the obedient worker bee. These are only to name a few of the symptoms of a society disconnected from engaging in spiritual experience with the world around us.

In today's blog I discuss the importance of seeking out a spiritual connection, whether it be a practice or simply a devotion to yourself. As I study to become a Spiritual Counselor, my hope is to provide services of retreats and personal vision quests to aid in the reintegration of personal power and the profound gifts we each carry within us.

In the video (click here) I share my most recent vision quest and the meaning I found within myself, and the forces around me. If you felt inspired and wish to know more or would like to share your own quest story, send me a private message or comment below.

The journey starts with you!



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