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The Shift

If you're reading this now we've made it through the hellish year of 2020. There's a lot we may be wishing or hopeful for, but I think we can all agree, who really knows what the f@*k is going on?! It is the strangest transition of our lifetime, yet I myself have witness so much transformation in my own life and those around me. All ending in a positive aspect none the less. I acknowledge that this isn't everyone's feeling. Here in America, we're all a bit on edge about what's going to happen to the foundations of our society. Even so, it's an opportunity for us to really see through the cracks and build something that will be sustainable for everyone. Not an easy feat I might add, but a choice.

Here on Earth we also experienced one of our most tumultuous astrological events. The one that brought the most attention was ending the year with the grand conjunction on the solstice. While many say this was the infamous beginning of the Age of Aquarius, we can't for sure pin point an exact date for this. Although personally I did sense a shifting within myself. After an unconventional Christmas, I've spent a lot of time alone and withdrawn. From posting, writing, filming, and the entire idea of social media. I've moved through a period of hibernation, and continue to question what I am aligning with for this era before us. I'm now more aware of my energy system as a currency. Wherever I spend that money, is what grows. It became clear that much of my vitality was being wasted on old ideas and beliefs. Things that I truly wish to challenge and make different in the world. The themes I see ahead for 2021:

-Doing things the unconventional way

-Breaking away from social media, creating a life more reality based

-Putting energy in what gives me life and abundance

This is just a summary of what I contemplated thus far. If you wish to here my full experience you can watch my 2021 video here. Whether you have been with me along the way or have accepted the invitation into the new journey, I thank you so much for being here. If you wish to stay connected with myself and my company please subscribe to my Moon Letter below.

Here's to continued transmutation and paving the way for a collective unity.

Thanks for everything,


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