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My own health journey began in 2012 after making changes to my diet and physical health. I felt a drive to understand wellness and the human body when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I began my studies in somatic healing and body movement. After spending years as a traveling performer I knew diet and exercise were only a small piece of the puzzle. I soon discovered Reiki and meditation, incorporating that mental/emotional states were an important aspect of our healing. In 2016 my mother lost her 10 year battle with cancer. My experience gave me insight into just how segregated our health and overall happiness truly is. So, I turned my practice towards holistic medicine and coming into alignment with every aspect of ourselves. With each positive shift we make time and again I've seen the life, work, and people transmute into our highest vision. I use varying modalities to mentor and support your through all major life  and wellness changes. Providing tools to find your holistic way of being.

I'm passionate about everyone's unique journey and how much power they each contain to manifest what they love. I believe in the empowerment of my clients and advocating for their health and wellness. For when we are whole magic, change, and growth can happen.

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