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My own health journey began in 2012 after making changes to my diet and physical health. I felt a drive to understand wellness and the human body when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I began my studies in somatic healing and body movement. After spending years as a traveling performer I knew diet and exercise were only a small piece of the puzzle. I soon discovered Reiki and meditation, incorporating that mental/emotional states were an important aspect of our healing. In 2016 my mother lost her 10 year battle with cancer. My experience gave me insight into just how segregated our health and overall happiness truly is. So, I turned my practice towards holistic medicine and coming into alignment with every aspect of ourselves. With each positive shift we make time and again I've seen the life, work, and people transmute into our highest vision. I use varying modalities to mentor and support your through all major life  and wellness changes. Providing tools to find your holistic way of being.

I'm passionate about everyone's unique journey and how much power they each contain to manifest what they love. I believe in the empowerment of my clients and advocating for their health and wellness. For when we are whole magic, change, and growth can happen.

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Weekly Forecast Jan 17th-23rd ๐ŸŒŒ Tarot/Astrology Reading ๐Ÿ”ฅ "You Don't Have to Do it Alone"

Weekly Forecast Jan 17th-23rd ๐ŸŒŒ Tarot/Astrology Reading ๐Ÿ”ฅ "You Don't Have to Do it Alone"

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Upcoming Events

  • Teton Yoga Festival
    Teton Yoga Festival
    Fri, Aug 30
    Aug 30, 2024, 12:30 PM โ€“ Sep 01, 2024, 4:30 PM
    Victor, 2733 E 10800 S, Victor, ID 83455, USA
    Aug 30, 2024, 12:30 PM โ€“ Sep 01, 2024, 4:30 PM
    Victor, 2733 E 10800 S, Victor, ID 83455, USA
    Vending and presenting a workshop Use coupon code KATS-10 to get 10% off tickets
  • Bozeman Farmer's Market
    Bozeman Farmer's Market
    Every Tuesday 5-8pm
    Lindley Park
    Every Tuesday 5-8pm
    Lindley Park, Bozeman, MT
    Every Tuesday 5-8pm
    Lindley Park, Bozeman, MT
    June 18th- Sept 10th Vending apothecary products and an organic elixir bar with rotating menu.
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Chris Cook

I had the supreme pleasure of receiving wellness coaching with Kat Stephens of Katalyst Holistic Life Coaching for several months. She helped me to meet many goals in our time together using her wide array of knowledge and wisdom. She supported me in understanding the personal challenges found in my Astrology, and invited me to make some diet changes stemming from Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. She even created a personal Yoga flow video for me and found the best acupressure points to help with managing my injury. We also played with my communication skills, relationship struggles, and transforming my mindset with money. I really appreciated her care and commitment to my goals and wellbeing, and feel grateful to her for giving me amazing tools that I use in daily life. I feel I gained so much from our time spent; things I don't think I would have easily found on my own! I highly recommend Kat as a wellness coach and want to encourage others to explore how she can help you with your goals. She was such a great support in my healing journey and in helping me find physical, emotional, spiritual balance, and I plan on working with her again in the future!


Alan Wood

We just experienced a group meditation with Kat. Whoa, she led us through the chakra system where we could observe, feel, and see the chakras and it brought  so much awareness to situations and things in our lives that if we addressed these it would improve the quality of our lives. I'm so grateful for Kat, she is doing great work. forever grateful. I mean that

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Alex Bureece

Very informative and accurate tarot reading. I appreciated how Kat took the time to break down and explain the different meanings of each card and the different ways they could be interpreted

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